Whatever the occasion, we would love to come craft with you and your friends.  You provide the venue and catering and we will provide the entertainment.   We create a project, perfect for any skill level and bring all the crafting materials needed.  ART TABLE crafting parties are a relaxing way to spend an evening with friends – crafting, talking, laughing and sharing creativity.


Women’s networking and support events are crucial to building a successful business and productive working environment.  ART TABLE, a moveable craft studio, offers DIY, tech-free gatherings that bring women together to interact creatively and connect outside of the traditional office setting.


New York City companies are turning to creative endeavors to encourage employees to think outside the box and build camaraderie.  ART TABLE offers a way to inspire creative thinking and reward a hard working team. Our craft workshops promote team bonding and development by allowing your workforce to learn new skills and interact creatively. The experience is enjoyable and cathartic, and infuses participants with a fresh energy to be brought back into the workplace.